Feast 2 FIGHT AIDS (or “F2FA”) is a mostly monthly ongoing fundraising initiative for Trail to a Cure.

Check the homepage for a blog post to find the latest event and get the flyer.

F2FA events are typically scheduled on the first Wednesday of the month at a Columbia restaurant. Those who wish to participate simply “feast” at the venue, and bring that restaurant’s F2FA flyer (downloadable from the TTAC website).

You gotta eat, right? Why not do it for a great cause?!

Simply purchase food, beverages, or other items at regular menu price, and 15% of your total tab will be donated by the restaurant to TTAC. And present the flyer when you pay your tab.

F2FA events usually are for the entire day’s open hours, so if you can’t get a group together for dinner, perhaps you can do lunch, or even order take-out, or buy a gift certificate. The details are included on the flyer for the month’s restaurant. Some restaurants even opt to do F2FA EVERY Wednesday during their assigned month.

When’s the next F2FA event? Simply subscribe to our blog (there is a widget to do this on the right side of the page) and you will get an email when we add blog posts including the latest F2FA event. Or better, yet, follow us on Facebook, where we post the events as well.

Have questions? Send an email to info@AIDStrailtoacure.org and we will reply as soon as possible.

11 responses to “F2FA

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  4. Have locations for November & December been set yet for F2FA?

  5. JD:
    No, they have not. We are always open to suggestions.

  6. TTAC,
    have locations been set for 2012? I have a number of colleagues where I work who are asking.

    • We have a list of restaurants we’re working on contacting, but the next two restaurants have not yet been confirmed. We ARE trying to get a list of F2FA restaurant partners together a little sooner than the week before the event, but it’s a process.

      In all cases, we will post the flyer on the main portion of our website and on our .

    • In case you didn’t see it, our venue for Wednesday is Broadway Brewery.

      • Thanks. Keep me posted on upcoming months. I’m the senior chair of the LGBT employee group at State Farm & we have quite a few people who make an effort to support F2FA.

  7. JD (and everyone else “listening”): We’ve secured the date for F2FA for March. It’s at Addison’s.

    We posted the event on Facebook (see link):


    We will likely post it to this website as a blog entry closer to time, as well.



  8. For our most loyal F2FA “fans”…

    TENTATIVE list of F2FAs for the next several months (first Wednesdays):
    September – The Rome (downtown)
    October – Agave (north, off of Rangeline)
    November – Smokin’ Chick’s (south, near Rock Bridge HS)
    December – TBA (downtown)
    January – Shakespeare’s (all locations)

    Watch for the flyers to be posted on the blog and Facebook!

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