Trail to a Cure Wrap-Up for 2015


Greetings, TTAC’ers!

It’s our favorite time of year for Trail to a Cure. We’re wrapping up our fiscal year and tallying all the results of fundraising. That means it’s time to pass on the results of a year’s hard work to our beneficiary organizations for the year.

We are pleased to announce that we have raised $11,000 this fiscal year to fight AIDS. This brings our historical total to $95,000 since our founding.

Checks are being sent to 2015’s primary beneficiary organizations* as we speak!

  • Mizzou’s Bond Life Sciences Center is receiving funds to support the efforts of students who are working in labs with HIV/AIDS researchers. Many of these students are medical students, and their experience will help share their future careers as doctors who have a special insight into this disease.
  • amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research is receiving funds to support innovative research projects for HIV/AIDS.

As primarily a fundraising organization, we depend upon the donations, sponsors, event participants, and the willingness of the community to make monetary gifts in support of our mission.

Thank you to all who have supported our efforts this year!

See you on the trail next May 7th for our major fundraiser–the 2016 Ride/Walk/Run.  

Trail to a Cure’s board

PS: We evaluate our beneficiary organizations’ applications each year around this time, and we are in the process of selecting our beneficiary organizations for 2015-2016. Candidates for funding include amfAR, Bond Life Sciences Center, and Rain of Central Missouri. Watch for news soon!

*Rain, while not a designated beneficiary for 2015, received support from TTAC during this year’s holiday food drive.

4 responses to “Trail to a Cure Wrap-Up for 2015

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  2. Angela Christiansen

    Just a question. How do we get our tax gift receipt?

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