Trail to a Cure Ride/Walk/Run–Inquiring minds want to know…

It’s time to register for the annual Trail to a Cure Ride/Walk/Run! The details are largely explained here. But we get questions. Here are some answers! The TTAC_Event_Participant_Packet has 99% of what you need to know to participate. What time does the big Ride/Walk/Run event start? 2011 TTAC Bikers That depends upon the event selected.  Trailside set up at the Rocheport trailhead starts around 8 am. After 2 pm, everything moves up the trail a tiny bit to the Rocheport City Park where there is live music, food, beverages, raffles, and other exciting things. This is a great time for the family/friends of participants who don’t ride/walk/run to join them for a great celebration!

  • Ride-50 miles from Rocheport to Hartsburg round-trip; start at 9:00, finish at ~2:00.
  • Run-1/2 Marathon (13.1 miles) from Rocheport to Huntsdale round-trip; start at 10:30, finish at ~2:00.
  • Ride-32 miles from Rocheport to Cooper’s Landing (near Easley) round-trip; start at 10:30, finish at ~2:00.
  • Walk-10K from Rocheport to Maggie/Angie’s Stop, round trip; start at 11:30, finish at ~2:00.
  • Ride-18 miles from Rocheport to McBaine round-trip; start at 12:00, finish at ~2:00.
  • Run-10K from Rocheport to Maggie/Angie’s Stop, round trip; start at 12:30 finish at ~2:00.
  • Walk-5K from Rocheport to I-70, round trip; start at 12:45, finish at ~2:00.
  • Run-5K from Rocheport to I-70, round trip; start at 1:00, finish at ~2:00.

Runner How does this event work? New to our event? Perhaps the Route_Map will help you to orient yourself. The ride/walk/run is a unique event. All event types/distances take place simultaneously on the trail (a former railway that runs alongside the Missouri river). The course is relatively flat, and is primarily made up of gravel. It’s a rain or shine event, and the event is a round-trip (there and back again?) format starting and ending at the Rocheport Trailhead of the Katy Trail. Rocheport Running events are timed. Results are posted via Webscorer Pro.

A 2014 TTAC running event participant sent us this message:

“I ran the half last year and was one of my favorite out of the 10 half marathons I ran. I love the jog along the Missouri and the calm journey down the Katy. This will be my first half for 2015 and my first since shoulder surgery last December. See you guys in May. If anyone is questioning themselves on if they should do this run. I HIGHLY recommend this race. You cannot beat the price and the support as well the after party is great.”

Register for the Ride/Walk/Run on the first Saturday in May. Discounted, advance registration ends the day prior to the event at 5 pm. Save money and register now! Walkers Can’t raise $100 from friends and family? You are more than welcome to make a tax-deductible donation to cover the difference or whatever you can afford in addition to the registration fee that helps cover costs. Our primary purpose as an organization is to raise funds for HIV/AIDS research and services–anything you can do to help us meet our mission is greatly appreciated! See you on the trail!

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